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Artists for Humanity



artists for humanity

Boston, MA

Program: studio spaces for a youth oriented non-profit arts organization, shared ‘makers’ fabrication facilities, event spaces, café, retail and administration offices.

Design Approach: Provide a facility that will be flexible, engage community, reduce operation/maintenance costs and rise as a symbol of the organization. The creative youth will be engaged throughout all stages of the expansion, learning from intimate exposure to architecture, engineering and construction.

Promoting a green-organization, not just a green-building. 



87,000 SF
Located in a Dense Urban Area Close to Public Transportation 

Employed Annually

Fact 118
A dime has 118 ridges around the edge



“Joe needs to write a quote here, write a quote here, write a quote here….”



The roofscape was stepped to provide an upper level for a Solar Array supplementing the buildings electrical needs and a Water Recovery system to irrigate the Green Roof event space.




DIFFUSED NATURAL LIGHT: Much of the glazing is placed on the Northern facade and above the Atrium to deliver diffused light throughout the interior spaces. Clerestory windows and light-trays provide the studios with natural illumination and expansive wall space for work production. 


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