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Central Square Eclectic

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Central Square

Cambridge, MA

The 1st floor kitchen was designed to embrace the Owner’s mid-century modern furnishings. The kitchen was outfitted with plenty of storage but kept intimate with the change in materials and colors. The layout provides for casual dining at the island and small round table adjacent to glass doors, with views to the garden. 



“The Right Angles”
Boston Globe Magazine 2013

Fact 49
Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to operate a television for three hours.

Fact 1
The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.


PUBLISHED: The Boston Globe Magazine, Sept 15, 2013: "The Right Angles" 



To achieve an open loft-like feeling, the master bathroom was exposed to the suite, providing views through to the numerous windows. The sinks were thought of as furniture pieces, while the shower was strategically tucked away from the primary viewing angles. Mirrors were used behind the vanity knee walls to reflect the valley rafters and continue the lines.  The ship lap wood cladding was painted a light color to bounce light throughout the space and reduce visual contrast with the windows and skylights.




The third floor is organized to rationalize the complex lines of the hip-roof and dormers. The openness maximizes light, air and views (five exposures), and wash the entry stairway with natural light. 


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Photography: Kent Dayton