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Our process is a framework for creativity; a scaffold that wrestles raw ideas into a concise plan. Developed and refined over the last two decades, our methods allow you to feel informed, empowered and effective throughout the lifecycle of the project. Our team is your guide, giving you the freedom to explore adventurous ideas along with the security of knowing that we will distill these visions into cohesive and achievable goals.


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How the process works for you

Think about what defines your relationship with your home: where you have your first cup of coffee in the morning; where you greet your children when they wake up; where you seek sunlight and fresh air during the day, and retreat in the evening. Your daily activities and rituals are the storytellers here. We take the time to first understand these desires, and then realize a vision within spatial, budgetary and engineering guidelines that we discover together.


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How the process works for us

After years of working with discerning clients and contractors, we have honed our communication channels to be both transparent and efficient. This openness allows us to design within a set of principles unique to each project and create accountability on all sides. And most of all, it allows us to execute our work at a very high level while creating a genial atmosphere for all.



How the process works for the planet

The joy in having built a sustainable practice over many years is echoed in the fact that we understand environmental goals need not feel like creative restrictions, nor a simple set of boxes to check off.  To us it is much more than just a “Green” buzzword. Your vision, your end use and your daily program can align with greater goals of environmental stewardship. We find that the criterion for sustainability can dovetail into building a particular strategy around you. We view this puzzle as a welcome challenge in our creative process.


Check out our portfolio for process turned into final results.