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Energy Star

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Newton, MA

Located on a small corner lot, this Newton residence sensitively interlaces interior privacy with openness to the exterior.  Utilizing a very compact footprint, a feeling of spaciousness was achieved via a central core element which functions as structure, storage and definer of spaces.   The walnut-clad finishes and open circulation offer a nod to mid-century modern designs.  All of this is presented together within a super energy efficient package.



HERS Index Rating

76% More Energy Efficient
than a 2004 Reference Home

Energy Star Rating




Solar Power = electric + hot water.

Constant Fresh Air = passive ventilation + HRV (heat recovery ventilator).

Precise Engineered Mechanical Systems = heating + air-conditioning + duct work sizing.

Energy Efficient Products = appliances + lighting + plumbing.

Durable Materials = lower lifetime maintenance.

Super-Efficient Envelope = super tight construction + effective insulation + high performance windows/doors.

Deconstruction (in-lieu-of demolition/landfill) = harvested materials from existing expired home and donated them for resale, reuse and tax credits.


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Photography: Kent Dayton