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Porter Square Loft

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porter square loft

Cambridge, MA

The creation of distinct spaces while maintaining the openness of the loft were the primary motivation behind the concept of the ‘Pod’.
Circulation flows freely around the pod as you move from media room to kitchen to dining to living area and finally to the office/guest suite.



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“An Open Space, Cleverly Contained”
Design New England, Jan/Feb 2010

FACT 398
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“Now we really have a multi-use space. Kids can sit at the bar; people can talk to us when we’re cooking; we can have big dinner parties. You feel the edges of the building, and experience the breadth of the space.” - Homeowner



The majority of kitchen cabinetry was salvaged from other sites; supplemental custom cabinets were used to complete the composition.
The breakfast bar is formed from reclaimed wide-plank antique chestnut.   




As the organizing centerpiece the pod also contains a half-bath, closet, pantry, china cabinet and bar.  Two large panels pivot into positions that transform a corner office into a private guest suite.


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Photography: Greg Premru