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Farlow Hill

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Farlow Hill

Newton, MA

This contemporary addition creates a sublime dialogue between two structures, each conceived a century apart. Attentive to its position on the site, a complex geometry was established to ease the massing of the new structure in relation to the historic home. This sculptural gesture was restrained through material selection, the play between solid and void, and refined detailing.



Between Structures

To Outdoor Spaces

Snakes can help predict earthquakes



A discreetly placed periscope skylight captures subtle Northern light and presents the viewer with an isolated perspective of the sky.



A raised lawn was conceived to mediate the sloping site, providing a plinth which embraces the new structure and creates a spill-over outdoor living/entertaining space.


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Restoration of the existing structure was comprehensive. Sensitivity to the historic home is exemplified through the precise engagement of the addition with the existing structure. This composition fluctuates between complete independence and utter reliance on each other, creating an evolving discourse as you move about the estate.


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Photography: Kent Dayton